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The benefits of a German Shepherd—loyalty, protectiveness and eagerness, to name a few—come from careful obedience training and authority. Everyone in the household must be prepared to show “authority” and earn the dog’s respect with a firm but loving touch. They do not respond to negativity or anger. Once achieved, this respect may need to be earned again and again.

German Shepherd Dog Saying i love you, a big dog talking Funny ultimate talks best dogs cats playing fighting saying speaking says words training park animals pets petting eating eats maple bacon.

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5 Responses to “The Benefits Of A German Shepherd Dog”

  1. Andrew Imhof says:

    Why cant we just trust in what god has planned for us and quit trying to
    talk bad about obama.

  2. chefjimmie1 says:

    OK, that’s really cute but I’m turning you in for cruelty to animals!
    Making a poor innocent dog say that name. Should be a law against it!

  3. RetaliationGAMING13 says:

    Looks just like the german shepherd i have 😀

  4. Brian Jensen says:

    Now that you know your target. ATTACK!

  5. SkinGripz says:

    Very cool

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